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Writing this blog post was an outstanding achievement. For all of us.

Posted by on December 7, 2011

Listening to Jonsi’s album Go makes you feel like every single thing you’re doing has tremendous emotional significance. It feels like you’re living the climactic scene in a film: lovers are reuniting, a scrappy band of upstarts is defeating the mega-corporation, there’s a four-hour montage of babies laughing. These songs tell you that everything in the world is exactly right because you have chosen to clean this toilet. Right here. Right now. I almost cried watching the preview for that stupid Matt Damon zoo movie just because it was backed by one of these songs, and I suddenly realized that sitting in the theater watching a movie preview was the most important and uplifting thing anyone has ever done.

Seriously. I challenge you to finish your menial chore, which you performed while listening to this album, and not feel like you’ve just saved humanity from something bad. Probably something that came from either outer space or our own scientific hubris.

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