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We can’t even think of a word that rhymes.

Posted by on December 7, 2011

I set off to do some Christmas shopping yesterday with a heavy heart, dreading the Christmas carols that every store would be playing. I love the carols, but they do tend to stick in your brain teeth; putting those songs in your head is like giving peanut butter to a dog. (Side note: have you ever given peanut butter to a dog? Hilarious. Hours of fun.) Anyway, imagine my delight to find that my favorite store was playing “School’s Out for Summer.” They’re a second-hand shop, so maybe it makes sense to play songs from a previous season. Or maybe it was because it was so warm and sunny outside that even my thin linen jacket was too hot to walk around in. Hello, California winter, welcome to you! I’m over my need for sweaters. You may remain. Anyway, I get enough winter in the house, which compensates for its lovely summer coolness by being a big old igloo in winter.  But now that I know what heat actually costs, I’ve kind of adjusted. 62 degrees is completely acceptable. 65 is almost too warm. And, of course, when I get too cold in the house I can always just step outside into this sunshiny goodness. School’s out forever!

I’m sorry, I know there should be a good wrapping-up joke in here, but I actually do have more shopping to do and I gotta get moving. Excuse me.

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