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Nature’s best friends

Posted by on December 2, 2011

Kris: Are you awake?

Gene: Okay.

Kris: I have an important question.

Gene: Okay.

Kris: Do you think that the more intelligent species on Earth like elephants and dolphins will keep evolving to be smarter and smarter, until eventually they form their own civilizations, and then they would be our friends?

Gene: I don’t think so. That would take billions of years, and we’ll probably have destroyed ourselves or the planet by then.

Kris: But MAYBE we wouldn’t.

Gene: Maybe. But I think humans might feel threatened by a civilization of intelligent elephants.

Kris: But maybe in billions of years, humans will also evolve to become more friendly.

Gene: Okay, sure. Then it might happen.

Kris: Hm…pigs are smart, too. Oh no, what if it’s PIGS who evolve? They’ll never be friends with the species who used to eat them!

Gene: Maybe they will.

Kris: No. They’re never getting past that.

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