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And also

Posted by on November 23, 2011

Because even I am tired of my own whining about being sick, allow me to steer this in a more holiday-themed direction with a short list of stuff I am thankful for this year:

  • French rap. No matter how foul your mood is, listening to Frenchmen trying to sound all cool and tough will make you smile. It’s just adorable.
  • The end of the third Twilight movie. Say what you like about the franchise, but as a recently married grown woman, listening to Edward tell the newly-affianced Bella that, far from being Bridezilla, she is instead being just TOO generous with her wedding planning and thinking just TOO MUCH about other people is richly rewarding. It could only be better for me, wish-fulfillment-wise, if he were also holding out a container of salted caramel ice cream and begging her to go watch sixteen episodes of 30 Rock in a row while he hangs some bookshelves for her.
  • My new fuzzy boot-shaped slippers. Yes, a muppet was skinned to make these slippers, but it was worth it. So worth it. Especially if it was Elmo, because you know I hate that guy.
  • My discovery that the pumpkin-spiced lattes at Starbucks are only amazing and life-changing the first time you try one. After that, they are way too sweet. Expensive addiction successfully avoided.
  • Pomegranates are in season. I love pomegranate seeds. It’s the closest you can come to eating jewelry without Gene getting all upset and prying your jaw open and trying to get you to spit out your garnet earrings, but you had to put them in your mouth because they were just…so…sparkly…

What are you thankful for?

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