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Happy Halloween! (Or, getting the spirit.)

Posted by on October 31, 2011

I’ve been so Grinchy about Halloween this year. I’m not sure why. I was so excited last year, and then we had even more cute little trick-or-treaters than I was expecting and friends came to our house to hang out and a good time was had all around. So why the grumbling? Why the desperate attempt to claw my way out of our house to avoid the hoards of children? Maybe it was just the last vestiges of my annual attempts to escape the Castro, working their way out of my brain.

(Side note: last night I was sitting in my library room, listening to the little animals that futz around in our apple tree after dark, and realizing I didn’t even want to have city sounds and city sights and city people outside. I tried to imagine moving back to an apartment in SF and the thought suddenly didn’t appeal. Holy crap, I have become the suburban version of the Pioneer Woman.)

Anyway, I am officially leaving all that behind me now. I have a comfortable costume; I have silly jack-o-lanterns; I have three bags of candy only slightly depleted by our ravenous eating of them. Halloween, bring yourself right on. Tonight there will be adorableness in my face and I am ready for it.

(Mind you, I would be happier about the whole thing if I could expect a visit from Princess Vader, the most adorable adorableness of all time. However, we cannot have everything.)

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