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If the island’s rocking, don’t come a-knockin’. (Actually, DO come a-knockin’, and bring water and canned green beans.)

Posted by on October 26, 2011

Last night, Gene and I took the first of six disaster-preparedness classes offered by Alameda’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I still don’t have an emergency kit in the house, but at least I know a little more about what items I’ll be missing in the next big quake.

(If you are wondering, I’ve finally pinned down the reason why I’m dragging my feet on this kit. It’s the meal planning. Planning seven days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners entirely out of canned food is just stumping me. I don’t know what comes in cans, except for a few kinds of things! And, I mean, how many times in a row can you serve your husband chili for dinner, even in the apocalypse? See, it’s tough)

Anyway, here are a few things I learned in this class:

1. Though most places recommend having ONE gallon of water per person, per day, and stocking a three-day supply, Alameda CERT recommends having TWO gallons per person, per day and stocking a seven-day supply. This is partly because…

2. We are mostly landfill, which means when the next giant quake hits the Hayward fault line, we’re going to feel it like nobody’s business. Also, we’re an island. Could be difficult to get to us once the bridges and tunnels get quaked. (Our instructor’s advice for knowing whether bridges and tunnels are safe to cross: “Just wait for the one guy who decides it’s a great idea to drive on through and watch what happens to him. Then you’ll know.”) Basically, expect some serious delays in service. And that quake…

3. Is almost certainly going to hit us in our lifetime, because they predict a massive Hayward fault line quake every 140 years or so, and we’re plenty overdue for the next one. Also, remember Japan? Now that scientists saw all that business, they’ve figured out that…

4. Tsunamis happen! Yeah, we can easily have one of those here on the island. All of which means that our choice to buy this house was…

5. The best choice ever! This house is awesome. Jeez, Debbie Downer, what did you think I was gonna say?

But seriously folks. I do believe this is my week to take a little trip through the canned food aisles at FoodMaxx. I’m going to save big on disaster readiness!


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