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Triclops princess

Posted by on October 26, 2011

This weekend we had a pumpkin-carving party.

Let me first explain that I go through this funny thing every autumn. I am a sun-worshipper — the more summery goodness, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Except around October, when I start imagining how great it will be to wear rust-colored sweaters and tall boots and drink the weird-flavored seasonal teas they start selling at the grocery store. I start to crave rainy weather. And, as you know, October is often the nicest month of summer in the Bay Area. So I have a lot of conflict and some denial at this time of year.

This weekend was no exception. The weather was in the mid-seventies, but I insisted on making hot cider and baking a bunch of stuff, like chocolate chip pumpkin bread and these witchy little pumpkin-ginger cupcakes (recipe here):







It got pretty ridiculous, especially with the sun streaming into the dining room and heating it up like a sauna. But our friends are troopers. And I am pretty proud of the results. For example, Gene’s amazing pumpkin, the Tardis from Dr. Who:







And my silly little pumpkins. This year I decided to use props, as Martha Stewart suggests. I followed her vampire-pumpkin suggestion exactly, but I got creative with my zombies:







I can’t decide if I love the pirate zombie or the triclops zombie princess the most. Oh heck, I love ALL my pumpkins!

More photos from carving are here.

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