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Wine wear

Posted by on October 9, 2011

Recently, my mom bought one of these witchy little gals:








In case you can’t tell from the picture, this is a little witch outfit you can put on a wine bottle. How did I never realize that wine bottles can also be dolls? As a kid, I had dolls which could say many ridiculous things, sleep, cry and wet themselves, but as an adult apparently I can have a doll which makes ME do all those things! Genius. Anyway, all my wine bottles were immediately jealous and wanted Halloween costumes of their own. But I have not yet been able to reverse engineer the witch, so I went with something simpler.


Once again, I started with stuff I already had around the house. In this case, a decorative wine stopper (I never use these anymore, ever since Adam bought us the fancy vacuum-seal kind that actually keeps your wine fresh), some pillow stuffing, a rubber band and some white fabric. If my camera were better, you would be able to see that the fabric has white flowers on it, which is not so spooky but will hopefully not be too noticeable during a dinner. Also, I’m using a hair rubber band, because I am completely unable to hang onto real rubber bands for some reason. Apparently I can keep extra pillow stuffing lying around until the end of time, but do not ask me to store a tiny band of elastic.

Push your stuffing into a fold of fabric, put the wine stopper under it, kind of shoved up into the stuffing, and wrap the rubber band around the decorative part of the stopper (leaving the cork free). I was initially planning to sew this instead of using a rubber band, but luckily I remembered in time that I didn’t feel like it.

Take a sharpie. Draw some creepy elongated shapes for eyes and a mouth.

Put your cork in a wine bottle to see how it looks. Figure out where you want your ghost skirt to end and cut it off raggedly.

Voila! Scary ghost doll full of the demon juice that makes us do we know not what:












I could have sewn the edges shut, but I decided to leave them loose so that you can see what you’re drinking:








And that is my craft for the day. I hope it was not too BOOring.

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