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What a girl wants

Posted by on September 29, 2011

If you are a lady, here is a great list of what you will want next month, according to the covers of major magazines.

A little sneak-peek:

Fall’s hot shoes
Fall’s hot boots
Fall’s hot bags
A bag guide
Gorgeous bags
New looks
To look younger
To look thinner
To look cute this weekend…

But, oh, there is so much more that you will be wanting! And — spoiler alert! — a lot of it has to do with your hair.

I’m trying to think what I want THIS month. I want a really compelling book to read, because the ones I have now are not holding my attention. (So much for the library sale, eh?) I want to sell my extra curtain rods on Craigslist. I want to try this new recipe for pork chops that I have. Ugh, all so boring! I’m looking forward to next month when there are bags and things to want.


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