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The video

Posted by on September 22, 2011

This is random, but I found this lady’s video of her home birth online today. As someone who has considered having kids someday, I foundĀ it incredibly comforting. Because it’s really, really boring. No one swears or yells at anyone, nothing is loud, and she’s very calm. And that’s impressive, considering a) she is birthin’, and 2) her husband spends the whole time sponging little dribbles of water over her back, which I’m sure she is into but which would send me deep into the screaming crazies. So thanks to this video, I now know it is possible to calmly give birth, and also possible not to lose my sane whenever my husband does something slightly annoying. (Which so far is NEVER, of course, but you never know what habits your spouse may develop in later years.)

Anyway, obviously not everyone will be so cool with seeing this, but as a potential Future Mother of America, I’m grateful to see a birth that doesn’t involve screaming. (Which I guess is because it’s also a birth that doesn’t take place on a TV show, the only place I’ve seen births up until now.)

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