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Island Living

Posted by on September 22, 2011

Much as primitive man used to do, I fear the approach of winter. And so, just as primitive man would, I feel driven to paint my kitchen furniture in cheery colors before the sun leaves us for the year.

Some of you may have seen the kickass kitchen island which Adam picked up for us at a sample sale:











Super-useful, we are big fans. But I decided it needed jazzing-up, as protection from the oncoming dark winter days and the saber-tooth tigers and stuff. A little sandpaper, a little paint, and voila:










Cheery, colorful island! The wooden parts are white, the metal parts are red. The green is nothing, ignore that. It’s the painter’s tape I used when I painted the sides. It’s just…kind of…hypnotic…green and white and red…


At Home Depot, they have these paint chips shaped like flower petals. Ooh.








Trace a few circles and then trace these petal-shapes all around them…what does that sound like to you?








That’s right: it sounds like a completely unnecessary flower decoration. (And don’t forget the completely unnecessary stem and leaf.)











Now I just have to apply sixty or seventy coats of varnish to protect my delicate flower and we will be good to go.

I love my happy island!

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