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Library sale!

Posted by on September 19, 2011

If there is one thing I miss the most about San Francisco, it’s livingĀ  three blocks away from the 22 line. The 22 line, as of course you know, takes you from the Castro to Fort Mason. And Fort Mason, as you also know, is where the annual SF Library Book Sale is held.

Now, is it a giant nuisance to lug books on the bus and then pack them home from the bus stop to your apartment? Sure. But oh how I miss that feeling of waking up on Book Sale Friday, say, with no immediate deadlines looming, and thinking at around 2:00 “I believe I’ll wander over to Fort Mason and check on the books.” It was so lovely to hop on the bus any time I felt like it and pop over to the sale for a casual half hour of browsing.

Mind you, last year I drove my own car to the sale and was able to get several massive hardback coffee table books, the kind I was never able to buy when I was carrying everything on my back and trying to store everything in our apartment. So there are compensations, too.

Anyhoo, if you have gathered from this post that the sale is approaching, you would be right. It begins Wednesday and runs through Sunday (discount day!). You may see my body around at a few other places this weekend, but I think you know where my brain will be.

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