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Birth control pills recalled due to ‘packaging error’

Posted by on September 19, 2011

An Alabama pharmaceutical company issued a voluntary nationwide recall Friday for “multiple lots” of birth control pills due to what it described as a systemic “packaging error.”

A spokesman for Qualitest Pharmaceuticals said that “there are no immediate health issues currently” because of the packaging problems. Rather, he said, the chief concern is that women may unintentionally become pregnant after taking the oral contraceptive.

CNN article.

“No, no, no, ladies. Please don’t worry! These pills will not give you the flu or make you sprain your knee, my goodness, no. At worst, our birth control pills will only help you conceive.”

“Oh, thank goodness! I thought it was something serious, didn’t you, Marge?”

“I sure did. What a relief!”

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