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In which we meet some neighbors

Posted by on August 15, 2011

Gene got out the hedge clippers on Saturday night to clean up some of the greedier branches blocking the front paths, and I got out a beer and sat around to watch him clean up the branches. While he was clipping, he found a little robin’s nest in the loquat tree out front. I knew it was a robin’s nest because there was one sad little blue egg which had rolled out of the nest and was balanced on a branch. Clearly the robins had given up the whole business as a bad job and moved to Canada or something.

Or so we thought. Gene started to clip some of the branches around the nest and


Gene was dive-bombed and did NOT shriek like a girl, but I was doing enough shrieking for both of us. To the point where one of our human neighbors poked his head outside and mildly offered to let us borrow his shotgun to deal with the wildlife. It was very exciting. I am pretty sure no robins were harmed in the making of this blog entry, but I also have not gone back to the nest to check. Because I value my hair and eyes, and do not want to be attacked again.

Relatedly, a question: do I need to do something with that sad little stray egg? I mean, will it just rot on that branch and turn into a scary sulfur egg if left to itself? Or will something eventually come and eat it? I do not want to go back into that war zone, but neither do I want a stinky loquat tree.

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