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On Target

Posted by on June 24, 2011

Me: Today I was in Target and I had amassed a little basket of random stuff. And then I looked down at my basket and realized I didn’t need ANY of that stuff, and I put it down and walked out.

Gene: Nice!

Me: I do feel bad for whatever employee had to re-stock everything in the basket.

Christine: No, don’t. It’s good for Target to have people occasionally come to their senses in a store and realize that they don’t need all the stuff Target wants them to need.

Me: Yeah! I don’t need plastic tumblers! I don’t need a mini-muffin pan!

Christine: Because you can borrow my mini-muffin pan.

Me: Yeah!

[A few hours later.]

Me: But you know, I kind of wish I had bought some of that stuff.

Gene: Annnd…scene.

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