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Year One

Posted by on June 21, 2011

Sunday was our first wedding anniversary, and we spent it picnicking with some friends in the park where we got married. A few highlights from the day:

Waiting for other people to arrive

Kris: How about we call our dads right now to say Happy Father’s Day?

Gene: Good idea. [Picks up phone.]

Kris: And then when we’re done, we can talk about our marriage!

Gene: Maybe we should call later… [Puts phone down.]

Chatting with Christine and Martina

Kris: The good news is, the doctor I talked to says fertility doesn’t just abruptly drop off at 35.

Martina: Oh?

Kris: The bad news is, it already happened at 28.

Christine: We should have been getting pregnant at 17. Every 17 year old should get pregnant. And then give her baby to a 35 year old woman to raise. Then when you’re 35, you get someone else’s baby.

Martina: Genius.

Kris: Genius. Or, oh! Get pregnant at 17 and then have your baby cryogenically frozen. Thaw it out when you’re ready to raise it.

Christine: No one would start raising babies until they were 50.

Martina: [Laughs]

Christine: [Laughs]

Kris: [Totally serious] I think we should market this idea.

Jason and Michele arrive

Jason: We didn’t bring any FOOD-food.

Michele: We brought two kinds of cookies.

Kris: Yeah, we didn’t bring a lot of lunch food either.

Gene: And we also brought cookies.

[Phone rings, Gene chats briefly.]

Gene: Rob will be here as soon as his cookies are done.


More pictures from my beautiful and silly Maid of Honor are here.

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