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Ladies Who Lunch

Posted by on May 20, 2011

Tami: “I just have a real problem communicating with her.”

Kris: “I guess with all your psychology know-how, you at least know exactly what her issues are.”

Michele: “This curry is amazing.”

Tami: “I do know, but it doesn’t always help.”

Kris: “Well, I think that email you sent was exactly on the right track.”

Michele: “I didn’t think I was going to finish it when I saw it, but I am totally finishing it.”

Tami: “Yeah, but I still feel bad afterwards.”

Kris: “Yeah, that sucks.”

Michele: “There’s a lot of mango!”

Kris to Michele, affectionately: “You silly little person. This table is like: Conversation…Conversation?…Curry!

Michele: “It’s just really good.”

I also spent a good hour being excited because I’d never had Siamese cuisine, and not even seeing Pad Thai on the menu clued me in to what I finally remembered halfway through the meal: Siamese IS Thai. Dur.

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