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Dr. Jones, sit down!

Posted by on May 13, 2011

You would think that after eight months in a place, one would be entirely unpacked. Or at least that after eight months in a place one would NOTICE that one was not entirely unpacked. Alas, it took me until to today to really notice the tower of boxes still sitting unopened in the study.

Stuff I have found so far:

– a CD containing seven photos from 1999, including this:


– A bag of all the tactical restraints Gene failed to use when he beat up that guy in the subway that one time.

– A brand-new, factory-sealed box of diskettes. Man, have I been looking everywhere for those.

– Ditto the blank cassette tapes I found.

The best thing I found so far is the water-safe iPhone player that Gene apparently got from work at some point. It’s too small for a Droid but my old Samsung fits in there nicely, which is my excuse for putting it in my shower instead of Gene’s.

Okay, enough chitter-chatter. Back to the excavation.

Holy crap, is that a roll of film in that next box? A roll of film?


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