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Tacos for the sassy girls

Posted by on May 6, 2011

As Michele and I were sitting dockside at the Lake Chalet’s Taco Tuesday (an outing ably captured by Michele elsewhere), waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive, our waitress plunked a plate of tiny tacos down in front of us with a flourish and said “Tacos for the sassy girls!”

For a brief moment I was convinced that we had been sent these tacos by a secret admirer. I pretty much go through life assuming that I am being admired secretly by someone who is just about to make a grand romantic gesture, and apart from the outcome — these days I regretfully decline his advances, due to husband-having, rather than ecstatically agreeing to be his prom date — this daydream has not altered much since I was about eleven years old. But Michele, being more pragmatic, pointed out that we did not order the tacos. “Oops,” said the waitress, and brought them to their rightful owners at the next table.

It got us to thinking, though — Michele and I, I mean, because there is so far no evidence that any server at the Lake Chalet ever has a thought in his or her head; the service there is astoundingly bad, though friendly — and we wondered whether this might not be a nice gesture for a fella to make to a girl. Sort of like sending a drink over to a lady, but instead you send her food.

“She might take it the wrong way, though,” Michele pointed out after a minute, and I guess I can see how that could happen. Still, I think getting sent a dish of ice cream or a side of fries might have been just wonderful enough to work with me back in my dating days, or when I was eleven.

Thoughts? Anyone ever tried this or had this tried on them?

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