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Duck Duck Goose

Posted by on April 28, 2011

As some of you know, one of the neighborhood ducks has recently adopted us. And by “us,” I mean “our pool,” which he seems to look on as his own personal kingdom. I have been chasing him off the pool at least twice a day, and still he returns anyway. Having the cover on makes no difference to him — he will cheerfully sit in the half-inch puddles on top of the cover.

Gene is baffled as to why this bothers me so much. The thing that really worries me is that he (duck) has brought a girlfriend around two or three times, and this is duckling season, people! She’s looking for a place to nest. Now, would it really be so bad to have sweet baby ducks paddling around in my pool? Let’s ask the well-known and respected Duck Rescue Network:

“Spring is the time when ducks are searching for a place to raise their young. Your pool provides them with a nice private water source and a perfect environment to do this. Even if you welcome the ducks there are a few things to consider.

* Chlorine when property diluted does not harm ducklings. According to the Massachusetts Audubon Society site, the droppings are not a health hazard if you maintain an adequate level of chemicals (by which I assume they mean chlorine).

* Duck droppings are not harmful, but should be removed. Chlorine is the most effective sanitizer, but be sure you check the water balance prior to shocking your pool.”

So far, so good. The baby ducks will be just fine, right? THINK AGAIN:

“* Once baby ducks are hatched mom will take them to the water source (your pool) babies will get in and realize they can’t get out. They will drown, die from exhaustion and get sucked into the pool filter.”

So…not ideal.

Luckily, the internet has a range of really stupid ideas, ranging from colorful plastic snakes ranged around the pool, to something called the Terror Eyes Balloon, which is pretty much just what it sounds like. I think I’ll stick to good, old-fashioned waving my arms and yelling.


Terror Eyes.

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