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Feminine Mystique

Posted by on April 27, 2011

A little while ago I decided to take over the guest bathroom as my own bathroom, since the master bath which we’d been sharing is lit only by two hideous fluorescent bars, while the guest bath has lovely normal lights, including one in the shower.

Since then I’ve been girlyfying it and the guest room like crazy — using power tools and elbow grease, naturally, as a girl should. For starters, I swapped out the ugly forest green toilet seat for a new white one. Gene, on seeing me wrestle with the installation, started to say “Have you thought about trying — ”

“Wait!” I said. “Consider for a moment that your normally helpless wife has managed to correctly measure and remove the old seat and is now installing the new one without help from you, and it’s all going swimmingly. Take a moment to be impressed.”

“I withdraw my suggestion,” he agreed.

I also used a power drill to hang a new full-length mirror, used the grease of my elbows to remove the scarred old vanity door, and hung some lovely girly pictures in both the guest bath and the guest room. Then I measured and (with Gene’s help) got wood cut to size for a vanity table I’m making, which I painted and stenciled yesterday. Now Gene just has to show me how to use our new circular saw so I can mount my new table on two-by-fours that I will drill and screw into the wall. Meanwhile, I will use our new stud finder to mount a shelf today where I can display books like The Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen, The Language of Flowers, and The One Hundred. After that, I’ll go buy some lavender paint and get started on the bathroom walls, which need to be re-done in semi-gloss.

When I am done, I will have a purple, mermaid-themed bathroom and a flowery purple and white dressing room, all achieved through my use of drill, saw, and frequent trips to Home Depot. In short, I find the best way to be feminine is through tools.

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