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Posted by on April 26, 2011

I started doing a very small morning workout a little while ago. For the first couple of days my body was confused, then angry about what was happening, but on the third day I woke up and found my legs raring to go, like “Hey, let’s do that stepping up and down thing you like! We’re cool with it.”

This is kind of how it works with flossing, too, right? At first your gums try to kill you and then after a little while they’re grumbling at night if you’re too slow to get in there with some string.

Clearly exercise and good dental hygiene are gateway drugs to more exercise and dental hygiene, and I think it’s weird there is no organization to warn people about that. Because now I’m having to have regular conversations with my legs and teeth, which are two body parts I was not speaking to before.

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