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A story

Posted by on April 15, 2011

It began with two enormous, light-blocking weeds masquerading as trees. (Yes, I am going to spin this story a bit to make myself feel better about cutting down two plants older than I am.)

Acacias 003 (Small).jpg

Then some men with chainsaws came and before too long we were down to one. (For the record, I won’t let just ANY strange men with chainsaws hang out in my backyard. So don’t try it.)

Acacias 007 (Small).jpg

Then we were down to a trunk.

Acacias2 002 (Small).jpg

And then some debris.

Acacias 009 (Small).jpg

And then glorious sun!

Acacias2 003 (Small).jpg

You can live, other trees! You can live and be free! And not grow at weird horizontal angles in a desperate attempt to escape the long shadow of the evil acacias!


The end.

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