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Good times

Posted by on April 14, 2011

We played “the parlor game” last night, which Robyn says we used to play in high school but I have no memory of it, possibly because when other people were socializing in high school I was mostly roaming the darkened streets, looking deep into my own soul and hating things.

Anyway, it’s a simple game: one person names a category and everyone else has to shout out items in that category. The slowest person names the next category.

Some examples:

Kris: “Shapes.”

Gene: “Circle!”

Kati Vol: “Heart!”

Randy: “Triangle!”

Robyn: “Hole!…No.”

Robyn:“Reasons why people hate Courtney Love.”

Kris: “Fake!”

Gene: “Bad singer!”

Kati Vol: “Killed Kurt Cobain!”

Randy: “People hate Courtney Love?”

Kris: “Women who would be honored during Women’s History Month.”

Robyn: “Amelia Earhart!”

Kati Vol: “Susan B. Anthony!”

Gene and Randy: “…”

Kris, Robyn and Kati Vol, to Gene and Randy: “Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?”

Randy: “Nascar drivers.”

Kati Vol: “Dale Earnhardt!”

Gene: “Rusty Wallace!”

Robyn: “You ASSHOLE.”

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