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Posted by on April 11, 2011

We camped at China Camp State Park this weekend for Lisa’s birthday. How have I never camped there in all my years of camping? We had the best spot, way back in the forest next to a stream, with deer and raccoons wandering through the campsite periodically (and occasionally stealing a muffin, the filthy beggars). There are also great trails around the campground, and it’s near the water, and it’s only a short drive from our house. All in all, kind of perfect.

This was the most luxurious camping experience I’d ever had, because on Saturday morning Michele showed up in a short, flouncy skirt, towing a little wheeled pink box full of fresh donuts. I don’t know why every camping experience doesn’t include a pretty girl bringing you pastries in the morning. I’m going to write to my Congressman.

However, this made Sunday morning a bit of a letdown. Even though we had amazing pancakes and coffee and all, there was inevitably a moment when one of us (Adam) looked around in some confusion and demanded “Where’s the donut girl?” So easy to grow accustomed to luxury, so hard to give it up.

And now, please enjoy this HOT WOOD.

CampingApril2011 002 (Small).jpg

More photos here and here.

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