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Mighty Worker

Posted by on March 23, 2011

There’s a lot of work to be done here in the home. Gene has a lot of work-doing skills, but no free time. I have a lot of free time, but few skills. I’ve been trying to shift the balance in favor of Gene having more time, but it is gradually dawning on me that I may be going about this backwards.

And so I learned to use a power drill — after a few false starts — and successfully hung curtains rods all by myself. Emboldened by this success, I went a little power-drill-mad and started using it all kinds of places, including the bathroom wall where I wanted to hang some pictures. Specifically, the tiny patch of bathroom wall right above the outlet. And as I was preparing to drill there, I was actually thinking to myself “Hm, outlet…unseen wiring in the wall…metal drill…should I reconsider this? Nah.

Well, as I am sitting here typing this, I think you can guess that I was miraculously not electrocuted. Somehow I managed not to hit any wiring. But I am pretty sure that use of tools will eventually lead to me living on in a vegetative state. Way more than I do now, even. But this will not stop me! I am empowered and I must put holes in our wall!

Now, who has a stud finder? I am hankering to hang some really heavy shelves right over my expensive computer monitor and then put some large things on them.

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