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Posted by on March 11, 2011

Today I’m thinking about water. No surprise, as the remnants of the Japan tsunami race towards me to engulf…well, about three feet of beach, probably.

But really, watching the footage of what happened in Japan makes me think about earthquakes, which are not, you know, totally unheard of here on our side of the world. And that makes me think about water, and all the other emergency prep we haven’t done.

If, like me, you were just planning to loot your neighbor’s house when the next one hits, let me invite you to change your plan with me and build an emergency kit. Heck, our house even came with two man-sized safes in which to store our supplies (just in case our neighbors are also on the looting plan). Don’t forget the duct tape!

(Side note: why is a disposable camera on the list? Is that so I can blog about it later with images? Or in case I get invited to a wedding or high school graduation mid-disaster?)

Use your weekend to get this done. Then you can attend all those “Aid for Japan” celebrity concerts with a free mind in the upcoming weeks.

1/12/18 Edited to add: If you’re looking for more info from, they recommend checking out their guide to disaster recovery. I recommend it, too. Guys, I’m not gonna lie: it’s been seven years since I wrote this post and still my emergency kit kind of sucks. Let’s all make a plan to not die in some horrible disaster-related way in this new year of 2018, WHO’S WITH ME.

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