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Posted by on February 11, 2011

About five hours of cleaning (with some time out for laundry) and I have a few pictures to show. You may remember how my workspace looked before…


And now:


I still want to paint and stencil the desk and file cabinet and put my shelves up over my desk, plus of course the room is still a mess on the other side and still curtained with sheets. But it’s a start. Plus, flowers from our yard!


I actually forgot to take pictures of a lot of my work, but I remembered in the living room, and that is my most impressive achievement of the day. Before:



And after:


Did I move those couches by myself? Oh yes, yes I did.

Those flowers on the mantel are also from our yard. We’ve got these enormous lily things sprouting like crazy out there. Also daffodils, clover flowers, and blooming white and pink trees, none of which we’ve done anything to encourage. I love gardening by neglect.

Anyway, I recognize this is not very interesting, but I was quite proud of myself. Our house is still not tidy by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it’s livable again.

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