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Posted by on February 9, 2011

We’ve got some vacations planned for the next few months, one to the snow and one to the beach. Naturally, I am concentrating on my shopping; as a professional, I keep my head in the game. But how can you shop for two such disparate climes? WWBD?* There has to be a way to make the same outfits work for both situations with just minor adjustments. Has to be. Womankind has not come this far, with the voting and everything, to be stymied now.

Websites suggest that a summer outfit can be winterized (this is a word; ask any swimming pool owner) with the addition of a few extra layers. Floaty summer dress? Add tights. Tank top? Add a sweater. Chilly bare feet? Sheepskin boots. Basically, you will be warm as can be, provided you wear all your clothes over your other clothes. It’s genius, right? I think I’ve got the hang of it. In Mexico, I will wear a bikini. In Boston, a bikini…as underwear. But it’s under a flirty floral dress I bought for Mexico! Which I will be wearing over a padded ski suit I bought for Boston.

There are actually a few things which will work for both places:

– Wetsuit (doubles as thermal underwear!)

– Parka (doubles as beach blanket!)

– Chilblains (doubles as sunburn!)

Looks like I’m all set…


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