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Posted by on January 18, 2011

I spent all morning yesterday curled up in the library, planning out the garden we’re going to plant in the backyard. Just me, a pot of tea, the Sunset gardening book, a pad of paper and a flood of sunlight from the Southern exposure. Bliss.

Later in the day, full of tea and resolve, I determined to go uproot that no-good very-bad toadstool which had been overrunning the tree outside. Armed with a spade and little pink gardening gloves, I popped the toadstool right out of the soil — my first experience that I can remember of ever digging in dirt.

With the toadstool came, by my estimate, sixteen thousand creepy crawly things. Beetles, worms, centipedes, some sort of maggoty looking creature: all of them came poking their heads out as if to say “Hello! Welcome to gardening! WE ARE GOING TO BE SUCH FRIENDS!”

Are there any plants that you don’t have to plant in dirt? Like a nice air-based plant, maybe? I may need to redraw my garden plan.

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