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New Year’s Eve

Posted by on January 1, 2011

At our New Year’s Eve party we discovered that the Harry Potter closet under the stairs works as a pretty good photo booth. Here you see me with some supermodels, Merrit (center) and Zina (right).


I was calling out motivations all through (“coy!” “angry!” “dead!” “sexy!”), which Merrit and I made kind of half-assed attempts to replicate. Afterwards we studied the pictures critically. “Zina,” I said, “you only have sexy face.”

“I think that’s all her face can do,” Merrit agreed. It’s true. Zina kind of walks around in sexy face all the time.

If I looked like her I would do that too, but I didn’t tell her that. “You can’t take direction for shit,” is what I lovingly said instead.

Enjoy the rest of the photos here. (Click “view slide show” on the left sidebar for a more enjoyable viewing experience.)

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