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Halloween mean

Posted by on November 3, 2010

Our first Halloween was a big success. We figure we got around 70 trick-or-treaters, so many that Michele and Tami had to go out for more candy halfway through the evening.

It did kind of bring out the mean old lady in me, though. I was mainly grumbling because some of the parents were coming up to the door with bags of their own and holding them out for their own candy. Hello? You are my age. Get that bag away from me.

See? Mean old lady.

I did give candy out to the (surprisingly MANY) older kids without costumes. I can sympathize; there’s nothing worse than the year you know you’re too old to trick-or-treat. I know I hung in there a few years longer than I should have. (I always wore a costume, though. Come on, a mask would kill you? See, mean old lady!)

Anyway, if I haven’t given myself a reputation in the neighborhood for being the mean lady in the house you avoid, I look forward to many more kid-filled Halloweens. But please: stay out of my rosebushes.

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