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Dia de los Muertos: El Toro

Posted by on October 21, 2010

Our car, El Toro, is on his last legs, I fear. He’s started turning his automatic transmission fluid into a yellowish-brown condensation that somehow leaks out and gets all over his rear end. It’s foul. If he were a pet doing this all the time we would probably have to put him to sleep, but we don’t seem to be making that call here. (On the other hand, if the pet carried all our groceries home and took us on road trips, we would probably keep that pet a bit longer too.)

I don’t understand what we did to deserve this from you, Toro. Was it because we drove you on those dreadful gravel lanes for like two hours trying to find that campground in Central Oregon? Was it because I drove you to Ashland and back this weekend and you, like a champ, only broke down one time? Or is it because you are a fourteen year old American car that I drive as though you were a three year old Japanese car?

Whatever the reason, our Toro is not long for this world. We’ll take a moment to mourn — it seems like only five months ago that Gene was proudly showing Sean our state-of-the-art cup holders — and then we’ll move on.

Where does one get a nice used car these days? Is it possible to get one on Craigslist in exchange for a massage and a basket of organic homegrown figs? (We have a treeload of figs, FYI, if you like that sort of thing, or if you have a car you’d like to trade for. An AUTOMATIC car, Jacob.) Is there some sort of SPCA where I can go to adopt a nice mixed-breed car, maybe something mostly Japanese but with American command seating? Advice and cars for sale are welcome.

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