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I’m clean puzzled, that’s what.

Posted by on September 23, 2010

Two nights ago, around midnight, two fire trucks and three police cars stopped on my street and a bunch of emergency personnel went into the house two doors down. I didn’t see any signs of a fire, and no one was running towards the house or away from it, and I didn’t see anyone being taken out on a stretcher. And I watched a good long time to make sure. (In my new life here, I am Mrs. Lynde.)

What a good thing that our local paper prints a police blotter each week. Last week the police were mostly being called in to deal with raccoon bites, but this week my street will be on there and I can find out what was going on. Though possibly it was just another raccoon.

I remember when I used to hear a siren and roll over and go back to sleep until the next one. Now it’s enough to draw me out of bed for a good half-hour. Suburban living, eh?

Seriously, though. Those raccoons are a real menace. One of them tried to eat a chihuahua last week.

One Response to I’m clean puzzled, that’s what.

  1. michele

    Sometimes when my street has fire and police people it’s because an old person has fallen down but IS able to get back up. Or it’s domestic disturbances but they don’t file charges (like IDIOTS since then they just get beaten up again for cash. Ugh, my street is trashy.)

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