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Posted by on September 14, 2010

Saturday we moved into this rambling old Alameda house, thanks to our astonishingly awesome friends who not only spent all day moving our hundreds of boxes and big heavy furniture items, but they then hung around to move boxes upstairs and set up rooms. Wow.

So far I kind of love it here. We’ve already met one of our neighbors, a little old lady with a cane and a sweet smile, “right out of Central Casting,” as Kevin said. I’ve already been to a butcher, a produce stand, a creamery and the library. And yesterday I swam in our pool, which for a wonder was not cold enough to make me want to die, though it was cold enough to make me want to get right out.

Some highlights, for me, of the move:

Robert: “You have multiple D&D boxes?”

Gene, after John patiently talked to the little old lady neighbor for like 20 minutes: “Did you get her number?”

Receiving suggestions for remodeling from various movers which included replacing the ugly kitchen linoleum with a Saturday Night Fever floor (-Robert) and putting in a giant Lite Brite wall in the living room (-Tami).

Opening boxes with Ivan as we searched for drinking glasses for people and coming across one labeled “empty boxes.” “That’s not what that says,” I said — and then we opened it and discovered, indeed, nothing but empty boxes.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us move in. And now it’s time to go figure out how to turn off our sprinkler system, because I just watched a guy with a crutch having to run past our house to escape a wetting.

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