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Ready, steady

Posted by on August 30, 2010

Packing, packing, packing. The house is full of boxes. “I’m realizing we really do have too many things for this space,” I told Jack when he was visiting, and he said “Yeah, I got there two years ago when you choked off one entire hallway with piles of stuff.”

In this new house we have four bedrooms. Four! That’s a room for us, a room for guests, a room for computers and a whole extra room that we don’t even know what it’s for. Many have suggested we store the pheasant couch in there and just close the door permanently, but I’m leaning towards having a library upstairs. It’s only five bookcases and twenty-eight boxes of books to carry up two flights of stairs. How hard could it be?

Gene is already excited about being able to play his music as loud as he wants — no more shared walls. “You’ll be sharing walls with me,” I pointed out, but he did not seem to feel this would hamper him in any way.

I hope this house and Aphex Twin do not destroy our marriage.

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