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Haute flea market

Posted by on August 26, 2010

I’ve been snooping around various design sites on the web lately, coming up with ideas for how to take some of our beat-up old housewares and make them look, well, better. Fortunately there is a design style called shabby chic which seems perfect for us. As far as I can tell, you take something shabby and call it chic. I think we can get behind that.

Unfortunately, the shabby chic aesthetic does seem to depend on having a lot of unused shabby stuff lying around, which doesn’t really work for us. Our shabby stuff is all in use. For example, we have a tool kit that would work perfectly for displaying pictures:


But Gene inconsiderately insists on keeping his tools in there.

We could put cut flowers in a coffee pot:


Except then I’d have to make coffee in a vase.

I would absolutely decorate my kitchen with a giant apple:


But then what would I fake-eat when pretending to be the incredible shrinking woman?

It looks like our decorating scheme is doomed.

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