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Posted by on August 12, 2010

Yup, that’s where we are. In escrow on an beautiful overgrown crumbly old house-type thing in Alameda.

Having spent most of my last decade in San Francisco, I always imagined we’d wind up in a Victorian. That’s the only kind of architecture there is, right? But no. This house was built in the prairie style, kinda, and the front facade is a big flat wall with two eye-like windows on top and a long mouth-like window below. It kind of looks like a Mooninite, but without the eyebrows and bird-flipping:


Home sweet home.

We’re going to live in Err! Assuming Err passes all his inspections and stuff.

Ignignokt: Err, if you want to achieve in this life, you must set your goals higher.

Err: I’m already pretty high.

Ignignokt: And so am I.

All I can say is, may our inspection scores fly as high as our dreams.

Also, I recognize that this entry is pretty weak if you don’t watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Office, so, you know. Apologies. The point is, house!

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