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Wedding photobooth pictures are up!

Posted by on July 15, 2010

You can find them here.

Some of my favorite moments:

1. Any time an actor gets in the booth. (I’m lookin’ at you, Dan, Ash, Mel and Sean.)

2. The moment when our niece Allegra realizes she can do different poses in different pictures.

3. The moment when my brother-in-law Geoff gets in and immediately fixes the camera angle, which has been slightly whacked for the last several photos.

4. The fact that almost any sequence including Gene also includes a photo-motivation of “Business is serious.” (Look for a lot of dignified frowns.) And a motivation of “Everything is slippery.” (Usually open-mouths and hands in the air, very similar to Michele’s “You’re on a roller coaster” motivation.)

5. Seeing the sequences from people who’ve had experience with our booths before, or who have photo booth fetishes (ahem, Tracy).

6. Getting to see Nuala and Garren in the booth for real. When we thought they wouldn’t be able to be there, I’d been planning on getting big photos of their heads on sticks, so people could still get booth pictures taken with them. I’m a little sad I don’t have their heads on sticks now, but so, so happy they could be there.

7. The license signers (me, Gene, Michele, Jack and Dan) trying to replicate the big signing moment in the booth. We created a whole coordinated plan for how each photo was going to go which immediately fell apart, which is why Michele and I are howling with laughter.

8. Rowan being a rock star (“no more pictures, please!”) and some of my beautiful new family.

9. The rabbit, the queen and their offspring!

10. Um, this. (I won that croquet game, by the way, and learned that the secret to winning is to a) demand bridal cheating rights and b) walk away mid-game and deputize Adam to win for you.)

And of course my favorite thing is having THREE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO pictures of people I love. FTW! (W stands for Wedding.)

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