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Posted by on May 26, 2010

Last night we drove to dinner! In a car! I wore my open-toed four-inch spike heels, the shoes I can never wear on the bike. You can’t really wear those shoes in the rain either, but to hell with the weather.

We had Persian food at Lavash, a first for me. I made the waiter describe all the stews until he got to the chicken stew with crushed walnuts and pomegranate seeds. “It has been called the Stew of Kings,” he said, “and — ”

“Stop right there,” I said, “the Stew of Kings will be good enough for me.” And it was, too.

I wonder when the novelty of having a car will wear off. Probably after the first month of parking problems.

Meanwhile, maybe I’ll drive to Safeway today!

4 Responses to Vroom

  1. gcfisher

    Very nice. Perhaps with the first unexpected breakdown in the desert, or $2,500 transmission problem, or being stranded late at night with a towed car needing to be picked up? I hated having a car and truly hope that I never have to go back. Then again, the independence it provides when all is working as planned is fantastic. It’s… the California way! Just saying…

  2. michele

    I think your problem wasn’t having a car, Garren. It was having a SHITTY car.

  3. gcfisher

    Merrr… I thought the shaggin’ wagon was pretty damn great, though.

  4. Kristen

    Ha! BURN, Garren!

    Wait, we have kind of a shitty car…

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