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Pulling random stuff out of old emails

Posted by on May 21, 2010

Here’s a conversation I had a long time ago, but it still tastes great today:

Friend: [funny joke about Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels.]

Me: I used to read Elfquest.

Friend: [Silence.]

Me: Now you know everything.

4 Responses to Pulling random stuff out of old emails

  1. michele

    i still OWN like all of elfquest. i think you should delete the ‘dumb kris’ tag.

  2. michele

    …i wonder how much money i could get if i tried to sell them?

    back down, nuala! i’m not selling them!

  3. berrybzz

    dude. I still read elfquest and I still love them and I’ll buy the ones I don’t have off you Michele 🙂

  4. michele

    what did i say about backing off, nuala!

    hee hee hee. you do keep trying to buy them from me. i’m not ready to part though.

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