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With a capital T that stands for Tahoe

Posted by on May 14, 2010

I got the new wheels smogged yesterday and was planning to head to the DMV today, but it turns out all California DMVs are closed today by edict of the Governor. Now, Schwarzenegger has hated me ever since I told him I wasn’t that into Total Recall, but I was expecting him to come at me by taking away my state parks or tearing down my local library to build a prison or something. Attacking me through my car? That’s personal.

No DMV access means that Gene and Jason and I will be riding up to Tahoe this weekend in a car with no license plates and no title. I mean, a title exists in the system, we just don’t have a hard copy. This should be interesting, especially since Gene and I recently watched 10 Rules for Dealing With the Police and we’re all stoked on the idea of exercising our rights and stuff. Any cop who sees our license-plate-free ride is gonna pull us over, and our lack of cooperation is probably going to get us arrested.

I guess I should have warned Jason about all this before we offered him a ride but, jeez, I can’t think of everything.

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