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You snooze — do you always lose?

Posted by on April 30, 2010

Last night I watched Michele and Katy take a swathe of fabric and make a dress out of it. It was pretty astonishing. I’d like to learn to sew (and pin patterns straight, and cut fabric, neither of which proved to be among my current talents) but where would I put the sewing machine?

It’s this ongoing argument in my head. Move to Alameda, learn to sew (/have space in which to sew) adorable summer dresses. Stay in the city, take the bus over to Ambiance in Noe Valley and buy my adorable dresses off the rack. Move to Alameda, grow my own garden. Stay in the city, hang out in parks maintained by other people. Move to Alameda, be an easier visiting distance from our many East Bay friends. Stay in the city, hang around the house, eavesdrop on my neighbor’s conversations, and pretend they’re talking to me.

It seems like the city panders to my extreme laziness. But maybe that’s not a trait I want to encourage in myself.

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