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Posted by on January 29, 2010

After years of thinkering, Gene finally bought an ice cream maker. He’d always talked about getting one of the DIY hand-cranked versions, one step up from the can you roll around on the floor, but wound up going with a brand-new Cuisinart. It’s as if we’d been wandering around a lot full of Gremlins and he decided to go with the Lamborghini.

My folks also got me a food processor for Christmas. I had asked for a dinky little guy to mush up herbs and stuff, but they got me a 12-cup Cuisinart so powerful that the lights dim when we use it. The first recipe I tried suggested that we blend for one to two minutes — it took six seconds with our machine.

I am fascinated by the possibilities offered by these machines. All I want to do now is blend stuff into paste and freeze it into ice cream. Bananas! Ike’s sandwiches! Aquarium gravel!

Dinner at our house has always been kind of a gamble, and now dessert is coming into its own, too.

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