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Posted by on January 28, 2010

The sun is stretching through the window and lying alllll over my legs. In this fresh light I’m suddenly noticing how dirty the carpet has gotten while I’ve been hibernating and not doing anything. Wow, the windows are also filthy. For the first time I understand why spring cleaning happens in the spring, when all the grime becomes visible.

Yesterday I wrote ten and a half pages (at only 400 words a pop, don’t get too excited) because working on the book was not the most exciting but merely the least boring option available to me. But today…today there is sun outside. I could go to the grocery store! I could go to the Botanical Gardens! I could go to the Zoo!

Except I have to write another 2600 words first. Sigh.

When is it time for croquet and bocce and baseball and playing on the secret rope swing? When is it time for archery at Golden Gate Park? When is it time to swim in the Yuba? I have my leash, weather. I am standing by the door. When is it time for walkies?

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