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Buckle my shoe

Posted by on January 12, 2010

I finished the first draft of my first novel last month, and am now hard at work on the first draft of a different novel. (Stephen King says to work on something else before revising in order to clear your head, and he would know.) It’s much easier this time, which is a relief. My first question answered: can I tell a story? (Yes.)

My next question, once I finish what I’m currently working on, might be harder to answer. I know I can make stuff up. But can I make it good? Revision is where the work happens. (Just ask Mr. Earbrass.) I have high hopes, anyhow.

This is my life these days, too boring to blog about. Wedding planning and a ghost story. (But the ghost story, happily for me and sadly for my wedding guests, is winning.)

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