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Posted by on December 15, 2009

Eventually, every bride has to come face to face with one grim fact: party planning blows. When that happens, there is tulle. Is it a fabric? Is it a trim? Is it the perfect blindfold for your guests so they can’t see that none of your flowers match? Who cares? Just wrap the whole damn event up in yards and yards of it and hope for the best.

Which brings me to my wedding find of the week:

My favorite part of this website is the tagline: “From now on, we’ll go from victory to victory.” I’ve been staring at this for about thirty minutes. I don’t even care what their products are now. I don’t understand why every bridal magazine fails to put this in huge letters on the cover, the wedding industry equivalent of Douglas Adams’ DON’T PANIC.

From victory, friends. To victory.

Okay, back to my staring.

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