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Posted by on November 25, 2009

As Thanksgiving waxes and New Moon excitement wanes, I am here to share with you a few things for which I am fangful this year.

I don’t ever have to go back to high school. Much less repeat it over and over for the rest of my undead life. What price immortality, eh, Cullen?

I am not solely responsible for my lover’s happiness and willingness to live. While it is true that I give Gene everything just by breathing, that’s because my breath is full of nutritious CO2, and “Gene” is what I named my cactus.

I would not endlessly moan and complain if people wanted to buy me designer clothes and fancy cars. You hear that? No complaints.

I have the imagination to properly exploit super-strength, godlike beauty, limitless wealth and eternal youth. I don’t have those other tools yet. But the imagination is there.

No matter how old I get, Gene continues to be older. Happy late birthday, old man. And happy Fangsgiving to Twilight fans everywhere.

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