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Catch up

Posted by on November 13, 2009

I began the week 5000 words behind on my NaNo word count. But I’ve been catching up, slowly and steadily, writing 6.5 pages a day, partly because Michele’s rabid production levels are shaming me into it and partly because I was offered a blogging job this week for a furniture design website and realized, my god, if I don’t write novels I am going to have to do something else.*

And now here I am, 2.5 pages to go before I am caught up to where my word count ought to be. I really want to take a shower. Like really a lot. But that’s my reward for finishing these last few pages, so I have to wait.**

I keep going off and surfing the internet for many long minutes and then coming back to my Word doc all full of excitement to see what’s new over there. This is the one trouble with writing a book, I think, is that it doesn’t write itself in your absence.*** Other than that, I am well aware that I have a dream job. And by “job” I mean “hobby,” and will probably continue to mean “hobby” even after I’ve published books because, let’s face it, we can’t all be best-selling Stephenie Meyer. Nor would we wish to be.

Well, there’s only so long I can drag this entry out before I go back to the story, which is no real hardship as this is the first thing I’ve written in the last few years that I’ve been really excited about. Like, I wake up in the morning and I’m excited to power up Strawberry and get to work. So I’d better get back to it. Besides, I’m not getting any cleaner.

*I was really grateful to be offered the job. And it’s a very cool website, as furniture design sites go. But I’d much rather sit in bed telling myself stories all morning.

**I’ve been showering all week, this isn’t some foul penance I’m doing. I just haven’t had my shower for today yet.

***Though I am pretty sure this is how most jobs work, right? They don’t do themselves?

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