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Posted by on October 26, 2009

We had my ‘rents over to carve pumpkins on Saturday. Same routine as always: Mom, Dad and I take about an hour to hack some artful holes in our pumpkins, and then have a few drinks and make fun of them for another hour. Gene spends the first hour considering his canvas, and takes the next three hours to carve a detailed work of art into the side of a vegetable. The first year he did a whole haunted landscape, complete with etched clouds and an ominous mansion. The following year, it was a UFO attack on a city. This year he kept it simple and replicated the poster for Tron.

As technically adept as he is, I think this might be his true calling. Maybe he should quit his job and sell pumpkin art at farmer’s markets. He could have a cutesy business name like “Out of my Gourd!” or “The PumpKing.” I could write the little pamphlets we include with purchase, and bake little pumpkin pies and stuff to sell on the side. It could be great.

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